Tuesday, March 17, 2015


Wow.....what a difference sunshine can make!  Here in Tennessee, we have experience an unusual amount of snow and ice.  To add to the cabin fever, there was very little sunshine.

Hello March and the promise of renewal.  The sense of something new is even further validated by the sunshine!

The first sign of sunshine makes me think of Friendships.  I think of crisp white tshirts, messy hair, painted toes and cold beer and all shared with a friend.....On a patio, boat, sitting in the grass, an outdoor concert anywhere that giggling is welcome and required!

I've been very lucky in the friend department.  I have many friends that I have had for 30+ years.  I have gotten even luckier to become close with the "friends of friends"......

There is one special girl in particular that I have become friends with through one of my Besties, Abby.  Her name is Jacque Warren and everyone loves her immediately.  She IS beautiful, funny, sweet and very generous in her spirit.  Every time I have been in Jacque's company, she always has a compliment to pay to several people.  She is very selfless in her conversational stye and always makes it mostly about the person she is talking too.  She will very enthusiastically want to know all about you.

I met her at the beginning of my art "career".  It was when I was really trying to step out there and see if I could actually earn a living at it.  I didn't know what that would look like or where it would lead but I was gonna take a stab at it!  I had a successful career already so I was taking a big risk.  Looking back, I didn't realize how brave (or dumb!) I was being!

I opened a studio space and to cover the expenses, I was going to do "painting parties".  This was before the Sips and Strokes craze started.  I planned a free party so that I could take some promotional photos for my website.  I called Abby and asked her if she could round up a crew who would like to do it.  That was when I met Jacque and it was an instant friendship!
Jacque and another one of the Crew I so love Stephanie!

She was an absolute Natural!!

Abby Boggs- The glue that holds the world together!
Since that class, Jacque has become one of my biggest fans and supporters!  She comes to my shows, brags on me constantly and always makes me feel like a Rock Star!  One time she came to a show with Abby because some mean girls were coming by and they stayed in my booth just in case I needed some muscle;)

So...now that I have introduced Jacque here is the real reason that I am writing this blog post.  Another awesome thing about Jacque is how much she loves her family.  She can barely finish a sentence without mentioning her Husband or one of her children.

Recently her husband, Jay has been diagnosed with "Giobastoma Multiform".  It is an aggressive form of brain cancer.  He is young and healthy and the diagnosis has been devastating news.  A tumor was removed immediately but because of how very aggressive it is, one twice the size grew back in it's place in a matter of weeks.  That one was removed last week.  He will be undergoing chemo and radiation in two weeks along with any clinical trials he qualifies for.

In usual Jacque Warren fashion, she has hit this fight head on with a positive attitude and a "let's whip this" spirit.  How brave she is being is really quite touching to watch.   The last time I spent time with the two of them was on my Wedding day in December and it was very special that they were there! 

Of course, all of her friends (including me) are feeling desperate to help in any way we can.  Jay is a self employed IT whiz and these numerous surgeries and upcoming treatments will affect his ability to work.  All of the financial assistance they can get will at least help relieve some of the burden of worry while they can fully concentrate on this fight.

Abby and Stephanie are the master chefs.... My abilities lie with the paint brush.  In the spirit of Jacques Bravery and to celebrate the way we became friends, I made something for her that I can sell to raise money for her.  She has been a "Difference Maker" in my life and I hope to be a small one in hers.

I found these vintage subway tokens and bought 85 of them and I painted this arrowhead to represent being a warrior.  So this necklace represents- "Life will bring you lots of journeys to take and you are Braver than you think.  And always remember that there is always someone that will be in the foxhole with you ready to be "your muscle"."

Here is the link to purchase this for $20.  It is a 1.75x1.45 lightweight pendant on a soft deerskin lace cord.  About 20 inches.  If it's not for you- then give it to someone who is facing a battle of their own.  If you don't know someone like that right now- buy it and put it away for the occasion when you do.  Pay it forward or save it for a Christmas gift- Be a Difference Maker.  100% of the money goes straight to Jacque and her family.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Plans & Schemes Ideas & Dreams!!!!

I have heard a lot over the last few weeks, "Can you believe it is already Christmas?!?!".... "Boy this year has flown by!"  Whenever I am inclined to agree, I think back to last January and my head spins!
What a banner year!!!

If I have known what this year had in store for me I would have been a little scared!  Let's just hit the highlights.....

*I was featured in Where Women Create in February
*I found my DREAM studio
*I was the Featured Artist at the Wesleyan Fine Art Show 
*I got to design a Christmas line of ornaments and decorations
*I got to design a garden line of products for all of Jo-Ann's 800 stores
*I got to spend two weeks in the English Countryside and walked 100 miles of it
*I got ENGAGED to the man of my dreams on said vacation at Westminster Abbey
*I got a new car
*I got MARRIED on the stage of the Ryman Auditorium and had the most perfect wedding day!!!!

That's about 10 years worth of LARGE things crammed into 12 months.  As you can imagine, I am overwhelmed with gratitude at my good fortune.  I really am one of those people that feel that Love and Health are really the only things that matter.  Any accolades or financial rewards this year represent for me-validation.  Money is easily made.....A real appreciation for your efforts not so easily gained.  Meeting goals that not only seem far out of reach but REALLY are far out of reach.....well.....there is just no confidence builder like it!  And this little country girl is just beaming inside.

Here I sit in my studio, closing it down for a couple of weeks to head out with my good looking husband for a honeymoon.  The overachiever in me says---"WHATS NEXT MOMMA!!!" and the practical side of me says----"How about you slow it down a bit Momma!!"

I can honestly say that most of my art success has been because "Preparation met Opportunity".
The most important work you can do as an artist is in your studio.  And you can only be prepared if you have a plan of attack to do so, first.  It's not the only thing it takes but it is a necessary thing.

I have always been a Write it down make it happen kind of girl.  I make goals at the beginning of a year of what area I want to focus on- not really in detail of what but where.  For example.....in 2014 my only goal was to work on Merchandise besides just canvas.  To put my images on literally everything from jewelry, tshirts, candles, baseball caps, pillows and everything in between!  I knew that the schedule of 10 shows a year minimum was not going to be my thing long term.  So, I was experimenting with the idea of wholesale items and wanted to give real manufacturing a whirl!!

That little venture led to LOTS AND LOTS of research, supply ordering and developing products.  There  were a lot of contacts, receipts and deadlines.  I had a little scrap pieces of paper with numbers and such on it EVERYWHERE!  Organizing it all would have taken time I didn't really have.  I started thinking........a lifestyle planner/scrapbook/pretty thing to doodle in was in order for 2015!!  I hooked up with Tiffany at On the Spot Studio for a little collaboration.  (check her out)

She does really wonderful hand lettering and I just love her style.  She enthusiastically said yes and did a lay out on a planner that is just amazing!!  It's 188 pages of planning, goal lists, important dates, things to do, and really fun artwork on every month page!!  Spiral bound so you and fold it easily, heavy laminate cover, great tabs that don't stick out!  It even has a full page of stickers so you can paste that save the date card, invitation or the receipt for the item you need to return right to the date page it needs to be on!!  We didn't want any lines to have to follow so, the contact pages and weekly pages have NO LINES!!!!  Doodle away!!!!  It is the perfect lifestyle scrapbook!!!!  It is small enough to fit in your purse and big enough to be practical.

I want you to be able to look back on a year and see how and where you spent your year with a scrapbook you made along the way!

I will be shipping these out the first week of January.  I can't wait to fill mine up!!!!  2015 HERE WE COME!!!!!

Photos Courtesy of Nikki Mellaci Photography!  She got one to organize her year!

Sticker page!!!

Click here to order yours!  Get em while they last!!


Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

A Child of the 70's

                                                               - Glenn Campbell

I decided in the spring that I was going to take the summer to work on designs and not so much worry about inventory.  I wanted to make designs that felt like “summer”.  I also wanted to experiment with recreating a mood to transcend imagination to another time and see what creating in that world would bring.

I was born in 1969 so my childhood summers were lived in the 70's.   I set the mood for my summertime designs by listening to 70's music that reminded me of summer music festivals, carnivals, fireflies, honeysuckle, swimming in the creek, riding on the tailgate of a truck, and eating watermelon.  I tried to do as many of these summer activities as I could. I will be ending the summer walking 100 miles in the English countryside thinking about my summers submersed in the works of Tolkien, Jane Austen and most certainly, “Alice in Wonderland”. 

As you can guess, the work took on a gypsy/boho feel as did my summer.  I worked barefoot and every day came home with dirty feet and messy hair.  When the collection was complete, I submitted it for licensing and got a big ol....”LOVE it All”!  So.....as you also could guess...that starts my new process of how to best foster imagination.  It proved also to be a great way to slow life down a bit and pay close attention and really enjoy the little things.  It's been a very enjoyable summer!

I have a summer art festival this Saturday.  The TomatoArt Fest in East Nashville is summertime art and music festivals at its best!  Just one day, 600 vendors, music and great food.  East Nashville and it's hipster vibe is the perfect neighborhood for a street festival and an excellent excuse for me to make pretties with my new designs. 

In the sprit of my 70's childhood summer, I wanted to make something with solid perfume.  I was so obsessed with solid perfume as a kid.  I didn't have any of my own but would just marvel at this little treasure hidden inside of another treasure whenever I ran across one.  My grandmother had a few hidden inside of brooches.

When I was having my kindergarten school photo made, there was a girl in front of me that was wearing a bird pin.  I tapped her on the shoulder and asked her if I could wear her pin in my photo.  She happily said yes and took it off after her photo and I pinned it on.  I was so happy to have  something pretty to wear in my photo.  To my surprise it had solid perfume in it!  I smelled my wrist the rest of the day.  It smelled like honeysuckle.  By the time I was old enough to buy my own jewelry, solid perfume had gone way out of fashion:(.

I decided to bring some back!  I found these wonderful large lockets and then I had my solid perfume vessel!  I wanted these because I could also put some of my summer art designs on them as well as perfume in them.  I mixed up some beeswax, almond oil and an essential oil fragrance using white lotus flower, amber and patchouli.  I'm calling it “ my big girl summer”.

I made it a Sunday project for me and my man.  We had a ball!  They are a 30x40 cabechon setting with wire wrapped beads, antique brass findings and are approximately 18 inches in length. Bohemian and delicate but substantial in size.  I will keep mine on a dressing table as a pretty, as a reminder and as a scent to always have a bit of summer near me. There are three sentiments... “You belong among the Wildflowers”, “Daydream Believer” and “I am not afraid, I was born to do this”.

Here are some photos of a few of them!  Can't wait for Fall!!

My school photo that started my solid perfume obsession

The Summer Of Kellie 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Take a chance

I used to be an art snob.

When I was first approached to do a barn sale, my first thought was, "absolutely not!!"!  It seemed like a complete waste of time.  I was quite concerned with street cred back then and it seemed like a glorified yard sale to me.  My boyfriend talked me into it because he was a friend of the event planners' husband and thought it would be fun.  And fun it was!  It also helped me see how elitist I could be about what an artist was.  I am now a supporter of women who step out there and make something happen in their life and I like to show that support by taking a chance with them.  And that is how I got started doing barn sales.

I found out that art doesn't sell well at barn sales but I still wanted to participate in them.  So, I took a crafty approach and started doing signs and animals.  Things I could make more affordable.  Crazy enough......that work is what got me my licensing deal and featured in Where Women Create.  I went to Seaside, Fl on vacation last week.   The friend I was with took me into a gift shop she loves and picked up a journal and said, "See....I think your work would sell so well in here.  Stuff like this journal"  Turns out- That WAS my journal.  One of my licensed images was on it and it was an image from that first barn sale.  Life is funny, Huh?  Ask me now if care about street cred anymore?!

The day after I came back from that vacation, I had a barn sale to participate in.  I almost bailed on it and stayed in Florida a few more days.  It came down to honoring my commitment so I came home, packed up my wares and grumbled all the way.

Burn-out on shows was mostly to blame.

Boy am I glad I didn't bail....

I reconnected with someone that I met at that very first barn sale and I show with her a lot.  She is unique in that she is a New Yorker living a country life in a small town.  I am a southern girl with an out of control mouth and an opinion about everything!  I don't always rub people the right way but Judy (being a yankee;)) appreciated my candor and we clicked from the beginning.  At first, it was about us being artists and our love of homemade strawberry wine (which her husband, Danny Jo makes a delicious blend).  It has evolved into a heart friendship.  She has always been able to see my heart and believe in and love me.  Kellie Montana- the woman separate from the artist.  That isn't that unique in my life but in the circle Judy and I are in- it is.  I never had to do anything to earn her love and I am not ever in jeopardy of losing it.  When I am with Judy, it's just two women talking about our life experiences in an honest way.  We talk about how grief has changed us.  I feel uplifted, stronger, beautiful, peaceful, loved and like I literally can take on the entire world.  She motivates me.  She recently lost her son tragically so for her to make me feel powerful in a short visit is a testimony to how strong and joyful she is.  To walk in her booth and see all that labor through grief was very moving.  Most people would still be in the bed and what I saw was her best work.

There is an Elton John song that I love so much and it always reminds me of my remarkable circle of women friends.  I particularly feels true when I think about my friendship with Judy.  In Mona Lisa's and Mad Hatters there is a verse I love,

"Until you've seen this trash can dream come true,
You stand at the edge, while people run you through.
And I thank the Lord, there's people out there like you,
I thank the Lord there are people out there like you."

And to top off the visit, she brought me a present.  Something she had that she said reminded her of me every time she looked at it.  Even the way she gives a gift is precious.  She looks you right in the eye and tells you what you mean to her.  It is really a powerful thing when women take care of one another.

And take a chance on one another....

Here is my sweet present....
She said I was a little "bucking bronco"
    I bought one of her pieces and I so love it.  It will remind me of life's ever turning paths.

I put both of them by my desk and when I see it I will think "I thank the Lord there are people out there like you"
I would love for you to head on over the her FB page and give her page a like 

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Summer of Kellie

Ahhhhh.....that is the sound of one big exhale.  What a year this has been so far!  I started the year with quite an ambitious list of what I wanted to accomplish.  So no surprise that it has been crazy.  It has almost given me a stroke...... but I am about a month ahead of schedule on the tasks I wanted completed by June 1.

I moved into a new and fantastic...it.must.be.from.heaven studio last December and I am finally able to do a little Montana styling on it.  Crazy enough (or not so crazy for me)....I have started sewing and making jewelry since I moved into this space so I am kind of glad that I haven't locked down the layout yet.  

My plan this year was to take January and June off completely from making any artwork to sell and just concentrate on new designs for my licensed collections.  I just ordered some new markers and supplies and I am getting a bit giddy about my new ideas for a possible January 2015 release.  So far this year everything has been accepted.  Last year was about a 50% ratio so that has been a definite confidence booster!  I even got a surprise by getting to design an entire Christmas Collection for Creative Co-op and a Garden Collection for JoAnne's!  YES YES YES.....the JoAnne's with 800 stores in 48 states!  Licensing is very hard work but it really stretches you creatively into areas you would never normally go with your art.  It takes nerves of steel and that makes it perfect for my personality.  I like to see if something is hard to do.  My boyfriend says that I will stick my head in a fan blade!  Every time I come home and say that I have started something new....he bends his head forward and makes a "clang...clang...clang" sound like a head in a fan.  It is quite hilarious!  He has made that move a lot this year.

Here is a little sneak peak of some of the new summer collection from Creative Co-op that was a result of the design/off time in January....I love this tray!

I just participated in a barn sale this past weekend in Clarksville Tennessee.   I got to do lots of shopping for my studio and I am happy to announce that not one more piece of furniture will fit!
I launched my new website where I am able to sell some of my work.  It was a great excuse to buy furnishings.  My Brother-in-Law of Double the Fun Designs created this dresser with reclaimed lumber on the inside.  It has become my "shipping" department.  Check out my site! www.meandmycanvas.com

I found this tree at Market last year and it is the perfect space for necklaces 

Speaking of Jewelry....I needed a "workstation" for all of my supplies and found this tiny Secretary and I am in love

I found out really quickly while using my new rotary cutter and mat to cut out all of my fabric images for my TShirts- that it is back breaking work!!  I found this awesome handcrafted table that is taller and a perfect cutting, ironing and framing table.  I love the industrial look of it!

Well....that is what I have been up to this week....!  Lots of adventures planned and it's time to get to it!   Happy Start of Summer!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A room without a roof- Pharrell Williams

I started attempting to paint in 1996.  I was 25, owned a hair salon in Brentwood and was looking for another creative outlet.  There was a client of mine, Gail McDaniel an accomplished water colorist, that started this series of watercolor painting workshops that lasted 8 weeks.  This was way before the "sips and strokes" craze so there was no expectation that I would actually learn how to become an artist.  I signed up with a couple of friends and at the end of every 8 weeks, we would sign up again.  It was a great fellowship and a lot of fun.  We would meet every Tuesday at the Brentwood Methodist Church and paint from 9-1.  Some would work on one painting the whole 8 weeks and nuts like me thought there should be a stack of finished paintings every Tuesday.  Our teacher, Gail, had a lot of patience for our shenanigans because it was clear early on that it was all about hanging out.
The start of 2014 marked the 15th year that I have been painting to grow a business and working to cultivate collectors.  And I mean working on it everyday.  In that time span there has been a lot of change.  One of the most notable is- Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Etsy and shopping carts on a website.  Something as simple as business cards required a lot of effort and money.  Hustle meant for real HUSTLE.  Advertising would cost you real money with no guarantee of results.  Finding a show to participate in was hard as well and don't even get me started on the cost of a portfolio before digital photography.

Over the years I have tried it all.  I have painted every conceivable subject matter and on every kind of surface.  There have been a few hits and a lot of misses.  I have participated in fine Art shows, festivals, fundraisers, home parties, gift shops, antique booths and everything in between.  I have sold a lot and nothing at each of those.  I have made great friends and I have rubbed some people the wrong way.  I have seen many businesses come and go.  I have seen many artists and crafters with incredible talent buy supplies and go gang-busters only to stop.  I have seen several become household names.  I have never thought of quitting but I have had to course correct many times. And I have learned something valuable with each experience.
As much change as there has been the most important things remain the same. I still have a love affair with color, those girls I started the watercolor workshops with are still my dearest friends and biggest cheerleaders, I still have the same collectors, I still love the craft of doing a good haircut and I am still so incredibly grateful for every opportunity I get in life.  Even the one to pay taxes today;)

It occurs to me that there are a lot of “i's” in this post.  This year has also ushered in something else new. Since my “Where Women Create” article, I get a lot of emails and visits at shows from aspiring artists and crafters for any tips that I could share.   That change has had me look back in a way that I have never done and putting into words this journey.  I know I sound like an old coot with my “back in my day” language and how technology has really paved the way for anyone to have a store front.  I do that only because it is an important distinction to make.  In 2014, if you have the talent, the discipline and the patience to stay professional in sometimes unprofessional situations....the sky is truly the limit.  There has never been an easier time to get in the face of collectors.  So my “i’s” are to encourage you.  

I don't always follow my own advice but I want your take-away to be this:  it is ALL about the work and the collector.  You will run into more drama than a “Law and Order” marathon if you pursue this business as a career.  The great news is that it rarely affects the collectors, the events run by professionals or the big companies that license....in other words....the people that hand you the money.  Because they are ALL about the work.  I encourage you to keep your eye on the prize and savor the moments when you realize that what you are doing is actually working!  And don't spend too much time dwelling on the times when it is not.  You have to define for yourself why you are doing this and when the drama has you revisiting that reason try your best to be a professional.  Just because it is a creative environment there is no real excuse to blur the lines of professional behavior.  I have blurred this line at times, and regrettably so.
 As I write my check to the IRS today I am especially reminded of the details of this journey.  When I got to the part in my return that asked " did you get paid any royalties" it made me a bit weepy. Most of my time is now is spent designing for mass production.  When I think of those images being everywhere, it is hard to wrap my head around.  I still live in the world where my work is packed up in a box that fits in my car and I am thrilled to have sold 20 things.

In the spirit of revisiting, here is a watercolor that I painted for my Best Friend, Teresa in 1998 and it hangs in her house today.

Here is one that I painted for my licensing deal with Creative Co-op and it was part of spring 2014 release.  Virtually the same painting 16 years later and with a little more skill.  Another reminder that all of your effort matters but you can't see around corners to know how much so.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Trendily Original

My man calls my head "the coconut".... He wakes me up early every morning and will tease me about how fast my mind starts spinning.  I have about 50 new ideas a week.  Most of them are not worth pursuing but every now and then there is a nugget that will influence 50 more ideas.  Not sure how that relates to this post, only that it was the first thing on my mind.

Since I got published in Where Women Create, the emails that I have received from artists and crafters have been eye opening.  I have come to realize there is very little true "nuts and bolts" information about turning Pro in the art world and what that looks like.  It seems there is a great deal of "control" that people think they have to give up to do so.  And in my opinion, it is the NOT letting go of control that will keep you from turning Pro.  For all of my issues, control is not one that I have held onto- Thank You GOD.

The last few emails have been on the subject of copyright infringement.  Here is my experience and opinion about this issue.

I started painting seriously about 10 years ago.  That means for real money- turning Pro.  Coming off of a career in fashion hair and make-up design, I was an avid fashion magazine subscriber.  It was a borderline addiction!  I would plan days to just sit around and read my magazines.  In a word- INFLUENCE.

My career in the high profile make-up world started with being an educator for Sebastian International.  My job was to teach make-up artists new trends.  My REAL job in that was to try to sell the salon the make-up line Sebastian had.  Every season, I had to compile a story board of current fashion trends.  It was old school...no internet google searches.  I would take poster board, tape and a stack of magazines to make this compilation of photos and words of fashion.  I got really good at spotting trends and predicting the direction that any one designer would take.  I got a reputation in the hair world of being "ahead of the times", when in reality I was just researching what people were already doing and pulling the trigger early in my own work.

When I started painting seriously, I had no idea that it would take me into a world very similar.  I started off just painting what I felt like with no thought to what influenced me to do it.  It took me a few years to realize that the art world is very different than fashion.  In fashion, "copying" is expected.  Hair clients bring in photos of a celebrity and want that exact hair.  It is a testimony to your talent that you can pull that off.  There is nothing proprietary about being the first to do it.  The only bonus is the slew of celebrity clients you get for having the original "design".  I am sure Jennifer Anniston hated everyone having her hair but we loved the idea!

As a licensed artist....your job is to be "on trend" and original at the same time.  That is tricky.  I still do the same research as my fashion days but it is more to make sure that someone else hasn't had the same idea.  It is remarkable how many times an image has popped in my head and I will search it and find how many millions of people have had the very same idea!  There was a time when "putting my own spin" on it was original enough.  And sometimes, it still is.  It really all depends on the trend (take chevron for example).  If let's say....I have never painted with shades of gray and I do an entire series with gray because it is on trend....some artist that usually only paints with gray might get all up in arms because I have switched colors.  There is no copyrighting a color.  Someone being upset doesn't make it proprietary or me a thief.  Blatantly stealing their idea does.  There was a time when I didn't research at all what someone else was doing.  And showed up a few times at an art show with similar subject matter to someone else.  It didn't feel good.  Now, I spend hours researching to be sure I have a copyright on the idea.  There might be someone that hasn't yet published their work with the same idea but you get the picture.  And there is a big difference between copyright infringement and being "trendily original".  Let your gut be your guide.  If originality matters to you DON'T COPY ANYTHING FROM ANYONE.  Most importantly, you can't have it both ways.  You can't copy and be original at the same time.  I had an artist last year accuse me of copying someone else's work.  The hilarious part of it was the first time that I ever saw her (the accusing artist's) work, it was a painting hanging in someones bedroom and it was a copy of mine.  The owner started apologizing (before I even noticed) for asking an artist friend of hers to copy it.  I truly didn't care about the copying but the later hypocrisy of the artist- I did care about.  I contacted the artist that she accused me of copying to make sure that she didn't share that opinion.  She didn't but it made me stop using a palette knife!  My gut told me that the palette knife made it too close for ME to be comfortable with and that was all that mattered.

To try to force originality, I have made several changes in how I work.  One of the biggest changes I have made is what I let into my brain.  I have hid in my Facebook news feed any images that could influence me.  I moved my studio to a private place and I rarely have visitors.  I no longer read magazines or go shopping in gift shops.  I barely even hang out with creative people!!  It sounds extreme, I know.  It all depends on how serious you are about originality and what works best for you.  I have an inability to see images and not be influenced by them and it is mostly subconscious.  I have started reading spy novels and there is no influence there!  I also don't pay any attention if someone is influenced by my work either.  By the time I show it, it is on it's way to China for a million of them to be made.  And that is copying on grand scale!  Because of that it needs to be my idea.

At times I will see an artist using a technique I have been wanting to try.   I ask them if it is ok and if they will share any information.  More often than not, there is a technique of mine that they want to try and we share our resources and knowledge.

In close....copyright infringement is defined as "using someone else's trademarked ideas for your commercial gain".  Be clear on what is true infringement before you start.  When you turn pro just picking up your brush offends some people.  The stakes are higher for me now and I take even the hint of it seriously.

If it is an idea that cannot be copyrighted- it's fair game.  It will be frowned upon by your artsy and crafty peers but that might not matter to you.  I had someone once tell me that she only copies people that don't live near her!  I guess she doesn't need any friends in Texas;).  And if that is the stance you are going to take, be grown up enough that when that person in another state confronts you and tells you that the 3,000 miles is too close for her; be gracious and not defensive.  Again, let your gut be your guide.  

Here is my take on Chevron and the Oh So Trendy vintage paper craze...    

Here is my original idea for a Christmas collection in 2015.  Everything under the sun has been done for Christmas so I am extra proud of this one.