Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Summer of Kellie

Ahhhhh.....that is the sound of one big exhale.  What a year this has been so far!  I started the year with quite an ambitious list of what I wanted to accomplish.  So no surprise that it has been crazy.  It has almost given me a stroke...... but I am about a month ahead of schedule on the tasks I wanted completed by June 1.

I moved into a new and fantastic...it.must.be.from.heaven studio last December and I am finally able to do a little Montana styling on it.  Crazy enough (or not so crazy for me)....I have started sewing and making jewelry since I moved into this space so I am kind of glad that I haven't locked down the layout yet.  

My plan this year was to take January and June off completely from making any artwork to sell and just concentrate on new designs for my licensed collections.  I just ordered some new markers and supplies and I am getting a bit giddy about my new ideas for a possible January 2015 release.  So far this year everything has been accepted.  Last year was about a 50% ratio so that has been a definite confidence booster!  I even got a surprise by getting to design an entire Christmas Collection for Creative Co-op and a Garden Collection for JoAnne's!  YES YES YES.....the JoAnne's with 800 stores in 48 states!  Licensing is very hard work but it really stretches you creatively into areas you would never normally go with your art.  It takes nerves of steel and that makes it perfect for my personality.  I like to see if something is hard to do.  My boyfriend says that I will stick my head in a fan blade!  Every time I come home and say that I have started something new....he bends his head forward and makes a "clang...clang...clang" sound like a head in a fan.  It is quite hilarious!  He has made that move a lot this year.

Here is a little sneak peak of some of the new summer collection from Creative Co-op that was a result of the design/off time in January....I love this tray!

I just participated in a barn sale this past weekend in Clarksville Tennessee.   I got to do lots of shopping for my studio and I am happy to announce that not one more piece of furniture will fit!
I launched my new website where I am able to sell some of my work.  It was a great excuse to buy furnishings.  My Brother-in-Law of Double the Fun Designs created this dresser with reclaimed lumber on the inside.  It has become my "shipping" department.  Check out my site! www.meandmycanvas.com

I found this tree at Market last year and it is the perfect space for necklaces 

Speaking of Jewelry....I needed a "workstation" for all of my supplies and found this tiny Secretary and I am in love

I found out really quickly while using my new rotary cutter and mat to cut out all of my fabric images for my TShirts- that it is back breaking work!!  I found this awesome handcrafted table that is taller and a perfect cutting, ironing and framing table.  I love the industrial look of it!

Well....that is what I have been up to this week....!  Lots of adventures planned and it's time to get to it!   Happy Start of Summer!


  1. Hey there! I read your article in where women create and loved it! Keep doing what you're doing because its great!

  2. This seems like a busy year for you! Getting a lot of things done makes for more sales. Having a website is a good idea, as you get to rein in clients and possible profits for yourself, minus the fees some sites charge to host your "shop". You could also use free services such as social networking websites to get the word across, so that more people would get to know your work. You've already set up Facebook, but you could also add tumblr or instagram to share pictures of your work. Good luck in this new venture!

    Kathleen Davis @ Gray's Digital Consulting